The Goods

The Potatoes…


These were the harvest from one bucket. I didn’t wait for them to flower…I am waiting for the other potatoes in the garden to flower, but they are not, they are just turning yellow.

The Eggplant…


The Beans…


The deer were kind enough to leave me a handful.

The Tomatoes…


The Anaheim Peppers…


The Strawberries…


The Eggs…


The totally homegrown  organic breakfast for 1 …


There are 7 people living in our household…sometimes a few more, sometimes a few less.  So far The Goods don’t even feed 1 person. Does this mean that I would have to multiply my gardens by 6-7 times? That is kind of scary!

180 tomato plants

18 + buckets of potatoes

Hopefully the tomatoes will pick up and the green beans, too…  I covered the beans with my daughter’s golden tresses after I gave her a haircut, and put up poles with twirly silvery CDs to ward of the deer…

Hopefully we will have a good harvest yet to come…  🙂

The Newest Painting…

Southwest DesertSouthwest Desert

Have a great weekend…

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