Surprise Lilies

A few days ago I noticed the emergence of these Surprise Lilies, also known as Naked Ladies…


It is surprising how the long stalks come up out of the seemingly bare ground over night and in a few days blossom into lovely flowers.



Last night we had an unexpected thunderstorm that knocked some of the lilies down. I cut them and made a bouquet in my favorite pitcher/vase along with phlox, sage, and purple cone flowers…



A little interesting info about Surprise Lilies from the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture:

With the arrival of August, gardeners throughout the state are delighted to see their gaudy and somewhat ungainly surprise lilies come into bloom. These bulbous plants belong to the amaryllis family and are native to southern Japan.

The five to seven pink four inch long trumpets are produced atop the pale, naked three foot tall stems and always remind me of a flock of flamingos standing in a shallow pool at Disney World. The flowers are sterile and do not develop seed pods.

The bulbs are as long as three inches in diameter with long necks and persist for years once established. The foliage comes up in late winter and looks like a large-leafed clump of daffodils, but without flowers. There will be one bloom for about every 10 leaves produced by the clump. The leaves die away with the arrival of the first warm days of late spring, usually disappearing below ground by late May. This growth pattern is an adaptation of the species to survive in an area with moist springs and prolonged periods of summer drought.


13 thoughts on “Surprise Lilies

  1. I love this post…and I love these flowers. I love the way they just shoot up, kind of like a gift from Yahweh telling us He hasn’t forgotten us in the middle of summer. 🙂


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