It’s Been a Year…

It’s been a year since I started this blog. What reminded me of this fact was seeing the cicada killers buzzing frantically around my garden trying to scare me, like I blogged about  last August…


I think this drawing  looks a lot like me… It especially shows how I feel most of the time when I go outside to do anything…It’s a war zone most of the time…

Here’s me, braid and everything…just like the top pic, except I don’t have any shoes like that 😉  I either wear flip-flops or barn boots depending…


And here is the cicada killer that was resting on my basil after trying to scare me this morning…

cicada killer

This one wasn’t the only one. There were about 10 of them. So can you see the resemblance?

So they are back, but so far they have not turned my garden into a mine field, in other words they haven’t started burrowing yet. Here’s a great little video so you can see what they are like…

This year my greatest enemies so far are these sweet looking deer…


Three spotted fawns and one mama have made their home in my gardens. Amazing how cute these creatures are…but how destructive they can be. I think they have delayed both my bean crop and my cucumbers by eating on the new leaves as they were beginning to grow. My solution was to hang CDs and human hair around the garden, and it seems to be working. 🙂


Comparing last year to this year weather wise…we were having a drought of epic proportions last year and the temperatures were over 100 degrees for 6 weeks. This year we are having the most beautiful summer ever…plenty of rain and cooler temperatures.

Last year I was starting a fall garden. I started this blog as a type of journal to keep track of what worked and what didn’t.

I planted Lavender, only 4 plants survived, but they are still growing strong and I started a couple plants from cuttings…


I can’t believe I propagated this lavender from tiny little cuttings…

The Parsley was amazing in the greenhouse, but this year I have none, as it has all gone to seed. I still hope it will reseed itself in that same bed in the greenhouse where it thrived so well.

I need to replace about 6 Asparagus plants that didn’t make it, and actually it would probably be good to make another bed to have enough asparagus to feed our large family. Right now the asparagus bed desperately needs weeding. 😦


Basil always does well. This year the basil went in a little late, but I have planted lots of plants so we will be able to make and freeze pesto.


This is the first year ever that I have not had a lot of chigger bites and it could be due to the unusually late freeze we had here in May, the one that killed all my tomato plants, but also made this summer the best ever. We haven’t had a lot of Squash Bugs either, and come to think about it I haven’t seen any Bees…That’s not good…

Last year I began to work out the  Problem in the Greenhouse. Even though I made some progress there is still a lot to be done.


That’s it for today. Hope you all are having a great summer. 72 followers in the past year… who would have thought, and it has been so nice to make friends with you all… I’ve learned so much from you about gardening and raising chickens and I’ve laughed and I’ve cried and I’ve prayed…Hugs to all of you. 🙂

11 thoughts on “It’s Been a Year…

  1. I can’t believe you used our cd like that!!! I have a whole box up in my room that you could use. Only, I’m not sure where they are and which ones I don’t want any more. Love that picture of your braid, Mom. I am pretty certain that I have A LOT more grey hair than you now.

    Can’t believe it’s been a year. I really can’t believe it! Congratulations!

    And I love the new header picture!


    • About the CD…we have so many of them I thought I would put them to use singing in the wind…:)

      About the grey…I think I’ve got you beat, really!!!

      I like the way the header turned out, I just wish it showed a little of my favorite pitcher/vase too.

      Thanks for stopping by…Oh, and can’t you relate to that drawing? I mean it could be ticks and chiggers, or whatever…


  2. I have to agree with Sage, the picture of your braid is beautiful and your new header picture is great! Your basil looks amazing! Gardening is such a learning process ,and it is unpredictable, just like the weather, So happy to hear you are having a beautiful summer!
    I did see an very interesting fence idea for keeping out deer, it was a double fence, made out made of branches with roses growing in between.. ..I’ll look for the site if your interested…


    • I am interested in seeing the fence. It sounds amazing… There is a woman who lives near my mom in Arkansas and she put a double row of fencing around her garden that had a chicken run in between it. That seemed to keep the deer out for her.


      • I cant seem to find the link, I thought I had saved it somewhere on the pc….when I do find it I’ll send you a copy. That would be a great place for a chicken run!


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