About My Chickens…

Things have settled down a bit here and the hens are happy and laying and we still have Mr. Knightly who is behaving himself. Caught a couple of pics of Mr. Knightly and Emma on the bridge…still hanging out together…

Mr. K and Emma

Mr. K and Emma2

Once a week I clean the coops and put out more pine shavings and some of the wonderful herbs that are growing so prolifically around here…


First on the chicks coop door in the burlap bag …


And then on the nesting boxes in the old Tack Room coop…


Love this head shot of one of the Welsummer sisters…

hen w

She is the inspiration for my new oil painting Giveaway to celebrate my first year of this blog, so stay-tuned…

Can’t leave without sharing a pic of the Ameraucana chicks…


There are 12 of them and I think at least half are roosters. They are about 11 weeks old and some are starting to get their muffs. Roosters have a wider comb with 3 rows whereas the pullets will have just one row. Correct me if I am wrong. I’ve also noticed the roos getting pretty blue feathers.

8 thoughts on “About My Chickens…

      • No. You’re cool because you name your chickens Mr. Knightly and Emma. And put herbs in burlap in their coop. And paint. And blog. And do giveaways. And take great pictures. And love your children in spite of us all. And love your husband even more. And love Yahweh even more than that! And because you are…who you are! ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. I never heard that about the combs on ameraucana roosters and pullets. It would be great if it was that easy tell tell the difference, I guess we will have to wait and see if your findings are indeed so! For me, the best way to tell the difference is the circumference of the legs… the roos have thicker and more sturdy looking legs. Or, we just are patient, cuz time will definitely give us our answer! Your birds are beautiful! 🙂


    • Thanks… I have one roo, I know he is a roo, whose feet and legs are enormous. I think he’s going to be huge.
      It will be interesting to see if it’s true about the combs. I’ll keep a watch on that.


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