Welsummer Sis ~ Giveaway

Here she is…a portrait of the Welsummer sister I promised to paint as a giveaway to celebrate one year of blogging here on Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme…

sis 2 copy

This is a 6″ x 6″ oil on gesso panel, and I’m going to include a barn wood frame. 🙂

To enter the giveaway…

1. Follow my blog, if you haven’t already… 🙂

2. Comment… you have to comment to enter. That’s it!

There will be a random drawing on Wednesday, August 14th, and I will notify the winner with a reply comment. Please tell your friends, fellow bloggers and all the chicken lovers you know…:)


29 thoughts on “Welsummer Sis ~ Giveaway

  1. That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your wonderful paintings on your blog and also sharing the opportunity to receive one in a drawing!


  2. What talent to accomplish so much detail in 6 inches squared – the glint of the eye is a wonderful display of your sensitivity to life and all it possesses!


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