Massacre in the Chick Coop

This morning when I went down to let the chickens out, all my chicks were dead. : (


They were getting so big…

We haven’t caught the predator yet, that killed Copper the rooster and the Welsummer hen… It could be the same animal…

Whatever it was tore off the metal hardware cloth that had been buried around the coop and dug a hole underneath…


HereΒ  is the hole from the inside of the coop…

hole 2

There were 10 dead chicks inside the coop and 2 piles of feathers outside.

The big dog trap is standing there still set…untouched.

Adding some paw prints…



31 thoughts on “Massacre in the Chick Coop

    • It seems so senseless when they just kill all of them, but only eat two. It’s hard to lose one or two, though, as well.

      Besides that the other hens didn’t lay one egg yesterday. I think they must have heard it all. They are in a different coop.


    • I went down and measured the hole. it is 15 inches across the top and 10 inches deep. I think a medium sized dog or coyote could squeeze through there. I also added some paw prints at the bottom of the post. It was really hard to find a good print. I’ve never heard of badgers around here and I looked it up on the internet after reading your comment. It says that they will eat their prey right on site and leave chewed up carcasses, whereas foxes, coyotes, dogs etc. will take their prey away, which the two that were gone, were totally gone except for two small piles of feathers. Badgers sound terrible.
      Can you discern anything from the paw prints? Thanks for your help.


  1. Those don’t look like badger prints. Do they have indents for the claws above the print? A coyote should have marks for it’s claws at the tip of the print. If not then more likely feline, like a bobcat, because their claws are in when they walk.


    • It’s hard for me to tell. It looks like there might be claw marks. I do know for sure there are bobcats here. Haven’t seen any for years. I do think if that wire mesh had been one piece, perhaps they wouldn’t have been able to get through, but who would have thought? I guess I would think about it now.


  2. I”m so sad for you!!!
    I’m sure that was so hard to find–I know the farmer’s around tell me that Coyote’s will do that–kill all but maybe only eat 1.
    Scary to not know what is the culprit.
    Hugs–wish I could help! Keep us posted.


    • Thank you, Stacey. The more that I read about this, the more it seems like it must be a coyote. It is interesting, though, how each type of predator has a different way of doing things. I just hope we catch this one. I came up with an idea today of putting the trap inside the coop right where he dug the hole. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll come back and try it again.


    • Thanks for showing him. That confirms what I’ve been thinking and I know that Charley must know. I was reading up on catching coyotes…I think we have to be really inventive in trying to trap this critter. If Charley has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them..


  3. Oh no! What a tragedy. I’m sorry. 😦
    I hope you start over, this time you’ll will have learned how to better protect them. Bury the fence line and use quick set concrete over that. No point trapping the predator… there are always more to follow. Build better, and smarter… and you will win the battle.


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