Mr. Knightly Has a Friend and Giveaway Update…

The weather is just unbelievable here for August… Last night it thundered and rained, and this morning I grabbed my little camera and went out to practice taking pictures of all the droplets of water on the veggies…

pumpkin 1


And then I saw this…


Pumpkin leaves trailing like some incredible cascading leaf sculpture. How cool is that?

I didn’t mean to get off on pumpkins and water droplets…what I want to say is that while I was walking and taking photos I heard Mr. Knightly crowing, and then another rooster somewhere in the distance would crow back…back and forth they were talking to each other, never even having seen each other. I got the feeling that they were greatly enjoying this communication…back and forth.

Mr. Knightly now has a friend…a long distance friend… 🙂

And this reminded me of my fellow blogging friends…never having seen each other for the most part…we post and “like” and comment and carry on a kind of long distant communication that we enjoy. Maybe it’s not so unnatural after all…

Thank you all for all your encouragement, advice, and sympathy…Hugs to all of you…long distant hugs that is…if there is such a thing… 🙂

One day more and on Thursday the 15th, I will announce the winner. I wanted to show you the painting in the barn wood frame…

giveaway copy

Until Thursday then… tell your friends, fellow bloggers, and all the chicken lovers you know. 🙂

Comment to enter on this post here…Welsummer Sis Giveaway

Now, I’m off to start some fall seeds a-growing…


10 thoughts on “Mr. Knightly Has a Friend and Giveaway Update…

  1. That rain sure looks good. Wish we could see some of it here. Alas. I’m glad Mr Knightly has a friend. We used to have a rooster and our neighbor had a rooster and they talked back and forth all the time. I thinking they were “crowing” about their respective ladies. As in “you stay on your side of the fence with yours and I’ll stay on my side of the fence with mine.”


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