Vibrant Garden Colors

I’m going to have some fun with colors today. Have you ever stopped to think about all the colors in plants? Thinking of God creating all these vibrant tones and varying delightful pallets fascinates me.

Two bloggers have really inspired me with their colors…one  has a page she calls Color Scouting…I’ve decided  to try it out with the bouquet I made this morning in my favorite pitcher/vase….

august bouquet

I have also been inspired by two incredible florists who weekly publish a photo of gorgeous bouquets that they create called The Seasonal Bouquet Project.

This morning  I picked golden rod on my walk by the lake and added wisteria vines, rosemary, salvia, zinnias, sunflowers and a little bit of liriope.

august bouquet2

And here is the palette…

palette copyHow fun!

A couple more close-ups…

august bouquet3

august bouquet4

Don’t you love the colors?

Lots of colorful veggies too…  Today I picked two kinds of eggplant, beans, Anaheim peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots.


Look at that vibrant red…


And orange…pumpkins are orange too…


Our first watermelon.,, it’s not very big, but it doesn’t seem to be growing any larger and it did give a hollow sound when I knocked on it.  It weighed 8 pounds…


Do you know how many different shades of green there are? Did you notice that the Moon and Stars watermelon has yellow spots on the leaves too?

Hope you are enjoying all the beautiful colors of the summer garden…This incredible summer…at least it is for us out on the prairie…where the wind comes sweeping down the plain and the hawks make lazy circles in the skies…they really do… 🙂


18 thoughts on “Vibrant Garden Colors

  1. Love this post Mom! And love the color palette. I was scrolling down waiting to see one for the vegetables too. Yes, Yahweh has blessed us with an incredible spectrum of colors! I couldn’t imagine a black and white world.


  2. i needed those powerful vitamin colors on this grey rainy day 🙂
    your lifestyle is very similar to what we are doing here with all the gardening and chickens (sorry about your birds…), and now you have a Glimåkra also 🙂


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