Yikes! More Footprints…I Mean Paw Prints…

We still have not caught the “whatever-it-is” critter that killed the chicks, but something has been running through our property. I found this first print while going up to the greenhouse and it is facing in the direction of the chicken coops…


I set my camera cover down beside it, so I could record the size of it.

Then I saw this one…


And these…


And the grand-daddy of them all…


So what do you think? Have any clue?

My guess is that it is a big dog…but maybe there is a smaller dog too?


17 thoughts on “Yikes! More Footprints…I Mean Paw Prints…

    • It is really frustrating when you know there is a predator out there and you can not trap him. But I’ve been told that even if you get one, another one will take it’s place. It is pretty sad…


  1. It looks canine. Coyotes? Or stray dog(s)? Or pet dog? I would think it is wild if you haven’t seen it during the day. You would think if it was someone’s pet dog you would see it at all hours because it would be used to humans and not so sneaky. Probably coyote. Do you ever hear them howling at night there?


    • We have considered a camera…but haven’t gone that route yet. The critter, or critters definitely need to be taken care of. It is scary…late last night we heard something down by the coop, As we walked down there with the flashlight we saw 2 pairs of eyes glaring at us….you’ll have to wait to hear the rest of the story… 😉


  2. It looks an awful lot like my pawprints. Not me tho!!!! But the Mom Person says my prints always look so gigantic. and I’m not a gigantic girl. Coyotes usually work at night. Dogs are more apt to be out and about during the day. Here in Texas, we can call our extension agent and they come out and set snare traps. I don’t know if you have that where you are? Good luck!


    • Well, sad to say, just like there are a few bad people out of a lot of good people, there are also a few bad dogs out of a lot of good dogs. I have a bit of an update on this story as we had some visitors last night. I will clue you in on the next post. 🙂


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