August Reflections

As I sit here and type reflecting on this August soon to be over, the fragrance of fresh picked basil fills the air around me… makes me think of pesto and fresh tomato mozzarella pizza with lots of basil leaves scattered on top…absolutely my favorite kind of pizza. : )

Rosemary and oregano in the bouquet on the table…love herbs…


Who would have guessed that?Ā  With a title like Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme…


Love zinnias too… They are prolific right now…


Sedum, hosta flowers, liriope, lamb’s ears…


Oat grass in a favorite blue glazed ceramic pot…


Love the colors…

I’m listening to a daughter chopping cucumbers and making bread and butter pickles…We have such an abundance of cukes this year…it’s crazy…

Painted a bouquet of gorgeous flowers from a photo blog…couldn’t help myself…so fun…so many incredible colors…

3 bouquet

The temps are more normal for August in Oklahoma…HOT, but for the first time since I’ve lived here, I’m actually going to miss summer…unbelievable!

I still wear my boots, long sleeves and trusty gloves to go pick tomatoes in the field to avoid chiggers and ticks, but this year incredibly I’ve only found one tick on me and that was last night and I’ve only had a mere 6 chigger bites… again unbelievable!


Our charming neighbors stop by for a visit…a mama deer and her three fawns…


They have been leaving my garden alone…I think the glittering of the shiny CDs really works to keep them at bay…

Seeds of kale and bok choy started in pots and lettuce, spinach, parsley started out in the garden…going to plant radishes, broccoli and cabbage a little later today. It’s soon to be fall…

20 thoughts on “August Reflections

    • Thanks, Thelma. I would think up there your summers would be beautiful every year. I guess usually having scorching heat here has made me really appreciate the rain and cooler temperatures we’ve had this summer. It has been phenomenal.


  1. So pretty! You’re right, before you know it we will be holiday shopping. I noticed yesterday that the seasons are beginning to change here too. My horses are just starting to hair up… it’s 103 today, ha ha! The days are getting shorter, and this is good news for me. It’s been such a long hot summer.


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