The Land of the Ancient Ones

Woke up this morning to the crisp fall air of the Ozarks and the smell of strong thick black over brewed coffee. I’m in the land of the Ancient Ones…

The news blaring in loud decibels coming from the living room…you have to speak very loud here in this country, which is hard for someone with a soft voice.

Stepping out for a morning walk, I encounter the 90 year old German neighbor mowing her driveway, and not just any driveway it is at a very steep slope…a challenge for even a 30 year old.

And repetition… nothing is remembered…every moment is new, including every conversation.  My mother wakes up every morning admiring her hydrangeas, orchids, roses…and saying in her Swedish accent, “Oh, look, they must have just blossomed over night, I’ve never seen them before.”

The land of the Ancient Ones…




Coffee, anyone? …


5 thoughts on “The Land of the Ancient Ones

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