Back Home and I Need Some Advice :)

I’m back from the Land of the Ancient Ones and while I was gone, we dealt with another predator, a large white German Shepherd looking dog.  My husband and my sons worked hard that week I was gone, and no one was here during the day, but we never know when one of these predators is going to show up…

This particular day was a really wet rainy day. After the guys had worked hard and had eaten dinner, one of my sons spotted the big white dog down at the chicken coop with a hen in his mouth. He couldn’t get to him fast enough to take care of the situation, but he did scare the dog and he did drop the hen he had in his mouth. It was the Welsummer Sis, yes, the one I painted the portrait of for the giveaway. My husband picked her up and put her in a clean warm place, but she didn’t make it. Then he counted the hens that were left and there were only 7 out of the 9. The other hen that was missing was Emma. My two prettiest hens were gone…

Or so I thought… This morning my daughter knocked on my door and exclaimed, “Mom, I think Emma is under the porch!” We grabbed a flashlight and peeked under the porch and sure enough there was a hen sitting there surrounded by leaves.

under porch

She’s not in the above picture, because I took it after she left and went to have a drink with her friends…


That’s Emma drinking out of a ceramic bird bath I have in my front yard. While she was busy drinking I took my flashlight and looked through a knot hole in the porch floor and this is what I found…

14 eggs

14 eggs!  So Emma is broody again. I’ve managed to break her of her broodiness twice, but I’m not doing it again.

So my question to all of you out there is do I just leave this nest under the porch and see what happens? It is pretty protected right under my bedroom window… Our dog used to have her puppies there. 🙂


Or should I transfer the eggs over to our little chick coop that used to be a dog house and hope that she will be happy there?

We have differing opinions in our house. I just want to do what is best and I want Emma to be a happy hen.

What do you think?


15 thoughts on “Back Home and I Need Some Advice :)

  1. I’d leave her alone. She is obviously happy, feels safe, and probably is less likely to be attacked by a dog. Not that I should know- I’ve never had chickens but hope to start next summer.


  2. I guess for me it would on what predators I had around that I thought might want the eggs, the hen, or the chicks. Here in the mountains of Colorado I would probably move her and her clutch to a safer spot. But I do have a friend in North Carolina who thought she had a hen taken by a fox that was hanging out a lot and a month later the hen came out from under the porch with 10 chicks. And they had a lot of predators. But the hen made it and so did her eggs turned chicks.


    • I’m thinking that maybe since she is so close to our house it might keep any predator away, but there still could be a snake…

      Another thing I’m a little curious about, maybe you would know, do hens all team together and lay all their eggs in one spot and then let one broody hen sit on them, or is this all her eggs for the last 14 days?

      Praying for you guys every day…


      • From what I understand, it can be either scenario. In a coop with a few nest boxes and many hens a hen will set on her eggs and others eggs, or if left to herself she would lay all of them herself over many days. That’s how I understand it. But we haven’t been blessed with a broody one yet so I have no experience with broodiness. Hopefully next spring! Thanks for your prayers!


  3. Well, I’m a silly old git, so I’d probably let her be AND staple the porch shut with chickenwire. 😉

    I’m pretty sure they can be moved, but some are more opinionated than others.


    • At first my gut feeling was to move her and the eggs…my family felt differently. I think I’m just more protective by nature. 🙂 But now I’m thinking to leave her…Still haven’t made up my mind though. Thanks for commenting.


  4. I will tell you that we lost a hen from this very decision. We knew that she must be sitting on some eggs somewhere because we didn’t see her for some days. We searched and searched but could not find the nest – until one morning we found a pile of feathers and the nest with still a few eggs in it. It was buried pretty deep in a pile of tree limbs and brush. The trail of feathers led down to the river and no sign of a hen. If you can move the eggs and hen I would do it.


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