Beauty Berries and Broody Emma

I never get tired of pulling together all the different plants that are blooming at the moment. What got me inspired this time was the  purple of the Hyacinth Bean blooming in the garden and the Beauty Berry bushes growing in my yard…

fall bouquet 2

And a  little closer shot…

fall bouquet

I also grabbed some purple grasses, sage, Lamb’s ear, Autumn Sedum Joy, and of course the beautiful brightly colored zinnias…

Here’s a close-up of the Beauty Berries…

beauty berries

But all things are not so beautiful. When I left for a week I put my starting plants of cabbage and broccoli inside the house, so that my husband would remember to water them. And he did, but this is what they looked like when I got home…


I can’t even imagine what got them inside the house and I don’t see a sign of anything anywhere. The strange thing is that when I went out to the greenhouse  all the cilantro and radishes I planted in there look just the same as this. The kale and bok choy is completely gone…


On another note…Broody Emma is really serious this time laying on her 14 eggs…


She’s still under the porch. I would like to leave her there, but I just am not sure. If we move her we will have to take up two boards off the porch. I know a skunk or possum or raccoon could get to her fairly easily, unless we put chicken wire around her like one of you suggested, but where she is, it would be very hard to even put the chicken wire.

I’ll let you know what we decide to do…


16 thoughts on “Beauty Berries and Broody Emma

  1. Those berries are amazing! I hope it works out for Emma. I’m too scared to give you any advice, except to follow your instincts. It’s usually when I haven’t, but listened to someone else instead, that the bad stuff happens.


    • I left on the 13th of September and as far as I can remember she was still roosting at night and hanging out during the day with the rest of the hens before I left.

      I’m not sure how this works, I’ll have to look it up, but if she laid 14 eggs and then started sitting on them sometime around the 14th or 15th, my guess is they would start hatching around the 5th or 6th of October.

      She just ventured out for some water and I gave her some oats and yogurt. I’m glad I saw her, because she doesn’t come out hardly at all. 🙂


        • Well, I’m thinking that is what happens. Everywhere I’ve been reading says that 14 eggs are a lot, but they look just fine when I peep in on them through the knot hole on the porch. It also seems that it might not be a good idea to move her…I hope it doesn’t freeze before they hatch. Once they hatch (if we get that far) I think I’ll move them all to the chick coop. One thing that is really nice about this is that out of all the hens she is the one that would be breeding quality. That’s a plus!


          • That is super cool! I am thinking as long as she is sitting on them at night the cold shouldn’t hurt the eggs. My broody hens are all missing feathers on their chest to keep the eggs warm (not that they ever have eggs). Whose the daddy chicken? I can’t remember if you still have that beautiful rooster..?!


    • It’s amazing what you can put into bouquets. I would never have thought of putting beans and tomatoes, etc. in them, except for seeing the blog The Seasonal Bouquet Project. They really do some incredible things with what they find around them.


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  3. i think you might have gotten mites or aphids 😦 they do that kind of work. A quick and definite remedy, organic too, is to look online for a seller of beneficial insects. ladybugs will decimate those little buggers! Best of luch 🙂


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