Saving Tomato Seeds

I bought 5 beautiful specimens of organic heirloom tomatoes at a Farmer’s Market in Holland, Michigan in hopes of saving the seeds for my tomato garden next year…



Here then are my finished seed packets labeled with the pictures I took of each tomato,   because I forgot the names the farmer had told me. Not very scientifical is it ??? 🙂

I do know that the Cherry Cherokee Purple tomato was his own experiment. So that should be interesting…


The following video from Seattle Seedling gave me all the info I needed to save my own seeds…

On a side note, aren’t these beautiful tomato posters ?


Heirloom_Tomatoes.jpg 82kb Botanical Posters

I love tomatoes, and I have to say my favorite is the little cherry Sweet One Hundreds. What’s yours?

11 thoughts on “Saving Tomato Seeds

    • I know…I think when the tomatoes are green the squirrels think they are nuts or something. Now is when all the black walnuts are falling off the trees. They are green and about the size of a tomato. I am still convinced that the squirrels take them out to the driveway so our cars will run over them and crack the outer hull of the nuts…smart critters, they are…:)


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