New Chicks!!!

I know you all are waiting to hear how it turns out for Broody Emma under the porch…

Well the story got pretty exciting last night….

It was dark…the day was done… we, my husband, two daughters and me were in the house reading, knitting and whatever, and we  heard a loud squawk outside. My husband went running out with his flashlight…my daughter following at his heels, and they discovered a possum attacking the chicks that had just newly hatched. Broody Emma had let out a loud squawk and run off into the night…

My husband shot at the possum several times and it ran off, hopefully fatally wounded. And then he went  to get a crow-bar to pry up the boards from the porch. Mama Emma came back and regathered the chicks as best she could, and sat on the eggs. My daughter looked under the porch with the flashlight and thought she saw 2 dead chicks.

After the boards were pried up, we decided to go ahead and move Mama Emma and her chicks and the eggs to the coop that I had just cleaned out earlier that day. We were in such a hurry, but I think there were 5 eggs and 7 chicks. 2 chicks had been killed by the possum. We placed Mama Emma in a box first, and then the eggs and chicks in another box and rushed them down to the coop. We placed the eggs and chicks in a nice cozy old nest in the coop and Emma got right on top of the eggs and chicks when we let her out if her box.

broody Emma

This morning I went down and put a bowl of food for her and some water and chick food for the babies. It was 42 degrees this morning, and I know that Mama Emma could keep her brood warm, but I went ahead a put a light in the coop too.

all set

She won’t get off the chicks yet, I’m not going to bother her after that traumatic experience last night. I’m so curious to know if they all made it… I will post pictures later today with an update.

Here’s what our porch looks like this morning…


How did that possum know? Emma hasn’t been bothered the whole time she has been under the porch. She has never squawked or made a peep.

Now she is quietly sitting on those chicks…I don’t know how they breathe under her, and she is purring like a cat…Did you know hens purr?

17 thoughts on “New Chicks!!!

  1. Hens purr???? Seriously?!?!?! Wow! I can’t believe that ‘possum showed up like that! But I’m so glad that you all heard the commotion and saved the rest. What an adventure chickens have been for you!


  2. Sorry to hear you lost 2 of your little chicks but at least the others survived. Its amazing how they breathe under mother hen,but they do. Looking forward to the pictures of the babies. Ours are 12 weeks old now, can’t believe how big they are!!


  3. Good thing you all heard what was going on! Sorry for the loss of the 2 chicks, it does look like you’ll have several others.
    Hens purr? That is a surprise ! Emma & her babies look safe & warm now 🙂 Well done!


    • Well, she makes all kinds of noises, but the one she was making this morning definitely sounded just like a cat’s purr…
      When she lifts up her wing there are all kinds of little chicks under there, but they haven’t come out yet…I’m so curious to know how many she will hatch.


  4. oh my gosh. What a terrible experience. So lucky that you were home and happened to hear her squawk. Sad about losing tow but have seen your other photos and seems like lots of beautiful chicks.
    And yes, I know they purr. Mine do it when they are going to sleep.


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