One Last Photo for the Day…


There are 9 chicks here, but the last count was 10 and 2 eggs. We’ll see what the morning brings…



10 thoughts on “One Last Photo for the Day…

    • She started with 14, which means that 12 hatched out and she is still sitting on 2 eggs. I have a feeling those won’t hatch, but we’ll see…:)

      Yes, an excellent hatch ratio! And a blessing from God, because out of all my hens she is the one I would have chosen to breed! And I had nothing to do with it at all…:)

      My son this morning lost one of his baby lambs…he said it was so sad to find the little dead lamb first thing in the morning, but then he discovered a new baby calf just hours old and he said, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Praise be to Him.”

      He also just experienced another loss in his life, so
      my heart is blessed so much that my son would look at life this way. And I know you all have also been experiencing adverse circumstances. We just need to keep praising, and know that all things work out for good one way or another, even when we don’t understand.


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