Chick Photo Shoot # 2

I had a hard time getting a good photo. Mama Emma was all over the coop pecking at this and scratching at that. She left the 2 eggs…


I felt them and they were slightly warm, but not the warmth that emanates from eggs that have just been under a hen.Β  Emma was showing her chicks how to scratch and peck. A couple of them were drinking water.

chicks 10

They are so tiny, but they all look strong and healthy…

chicks 10 2

She finally settled down by backing up into the opposite corner from where her nest of eggs was, and the chicks joined her…I’m wondering how long she will be happy contained in this part of the coop, actually she doesn’t seem very happy at all. She is just so very busy with her 10 newly hatched chicks…

The other hens and Mr. Knightly are so very curious about what is going on. I wish I could just let them out, but it is too risky. I’ll have to figure something out in the next day or two.


13 thoughts on “Chick Photo Shoot # 2

    • I do have a run but the ramp is a little too steep for the chicks when they are so little.

      Thanks for showing me sleepinghorses set up. Maybe I can get one of my sons to build me something like that. πŸ™‚


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