Autumn Bouquet

autumn bouquet

The golden shimmering leaves outside my window beckoned me to take a long walk up into the back pastures and through the woods.  A layer of yellow leaves greeted me everywhere…and the sumac is a gorgeous red…

sumac 2


I circled around the pasture and headed into the woods and then decided I better go get my camera, a basket and some clippers and take the trek again. This time I stopped at the hoop house and cut some marigolds. And to my surprise the blueberry bushes were brilliantly glowing in their fall colors…


After leaving the garden I spied some puff ball mushrooms and added them to my basket…

puff ball

My one son who does extremist type sports has made multiple bike paths around the pastures and through the woods, and I decided to walk  on the winding trail he made in our jungle forest behind the house. As I was clambering through the thicket  I noticed a piece of  wood like a little bench lying back in the trees…


My first thought was perhaps that is where the boys had a fort hidden years ago. I know they made little forts and hiding places all over in the woods. So I crouched down underneath the overhanging limbs to get a closer look and this is what I found…


And a little ways from that …another…

treasure 2

Little treasures from the past…These must have been lying up here for at least 10 years…

When I got home my basket was full…


And so was my heart… 🙂

basket 3

Full of fond memories and the incredible awesomeness of God’s creation…and the brilliant colors abounding in Father’s garden.


22 thoughts on “Autumn Bouquet

  1. So gorgeous!!! I love all of the colors of Autumn. 🙂 And how fun to find those little treasures. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! They really make me want to take a walk in the country.


  2. Oh! LOVE this post. Autumn beckons me out to walk CONSTANTLY! The smell in the air, the crisp leaves underfoot, the fall flowers that brilliantly display their colors. Can hardly stay inside to get work done!! 🙂 Such a gorgeous bouquet!


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