Hello there…

hello 3 weeks old… 🙂


13 thoughts on “Hello there…

    • Well, I don’t know about beautiful…they are so tiny and cute when they first come out, and then they go through that awkward stage… I’m wondering how many roos there will be??? Hard to tell at this stage, but these 2 look like they could be roos with those combs already appearing.


      • I always thought mine were beautiful, even in the awkward stage. And yours really don’t look that awkward. I love their black and white markings! It’s fun guessing which are the roos… I think early combs is probably a good sign. I had one that started crowing at 6 days old… I couldn’t believe it! Are you hoping for mostly hens?


        • Wow! 6 days old, amazing! I have noticed that some are just more out in front than the others. I don’t know if the females are shyer or not. I would love more hens than roos…we’ll see. 🙂


    • I know, but mama keeps them so nice and warm under her feathers, and let me tell you these little chicks are tough. When I go out in the morning, it can be 36 degrees, they are out peeping and running around. I’ve only put a light out there once to give them some heat, and mama didn’t like it and got as far away as she could from it. It’s so much easier letting her do all the work. 🙂


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