Table Transformation

A project I thought I would share. This is my old dining room table built by my husband about 20 years ago. There are lots of nicks and scratches and the pine is yellowed.


So here he is  taking the table outside and sanding the top. This was a pretty tough job sanding off the varnish. He used a 60 grit first, then an 80 grit.  He thought this would give it a grainier look.

I love the look of freshly sanded pine, but it turns yellow so quickly. I wanted to avoid that.


My next step was to put a coat of white wash on it. I just took some white latex trim paint we had and wiped it on the table. It actually took two of us. My husband put the paint on and I followed after him wiping it off.


We let that dry over night.  The next day my daughter and I applied a light coat of walnut Minwax stain, and wiped it off.

This gave it a driftwood look…


I went over some of the knots with a paintbrush and stained them a little darker. Then I painted  three coats of a water-based polyurethane letting each coat dry for a few hours.  Next I painted the legs with some charcoal black paint we had, and here is the finished table..,

dining table

I love the way it turned out. It looks like a brand new table.   🙂


20 thoughts on “Table Transformation

  1. This is a great transformation, looks beautiful! I also love refinishing furniture , its well worth the effort, especially when there is a great story and family history behind it!!!


    • Thank you…there is even more of a history behind this table, but unfortunately it was sanded off years ago. My children did their school work on the table and at one time you could see some writing etched in it. Back when we sanded it the first time, I thought the writing needed to be gone, now I think it would have added something really precious heirloom wise to the piece. Oh well…


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