Chicks Are Eight Weeks Old…

I’ve still got 10 chicks… Yay!  Mama takes great care of them, and they are 2 months old today. Here is Mama Hen with some of her boys…

Mama and boys

Yes, I think I can tell who are the boys at this point…


And who are the girls…


I think out of the 10, 5 or 6 are roos…

With the freezing temps we’ve been having, I thought it would be a good idea to put the heater back in the coop, but that means I would have to put all the chicks up the plank again and I was not looking forward to that at all…

For 3 nights I took the net and put them all up into the heated part of the coop and raised the plank. The 4th night I went down and  they were all up in the heated coop…Mama taught them all to go up the plank. I just love her!!! And I’m so proud of the chicks!


9 thoughts on “Chicks Are Eight Weeks Old…

    • Well, the roos will go for food at 5 months and the pullets will hopefully lay those beautiful chocolate colored Marans eggs and go broody a lot. Ha-ha… I need to get a nice Marans rooster somewhere to breed them too…and then maybe more chicks…??? I think maybe I need to give Mr. Knightly away. He is their dad and that seems strange to me. It’s probably better to have a different rooster all together.


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