It’s Snowing…

It’s early…I have to go down and let the hens out and give them fresh water instead of frozen…24 degrees, but tomorrow it’s supposed to be 4 degrees, so hey, I better get out there and enjoy it.


Four inches of snow graced our land last night. A lot of you had much more than that, but for here it’s a lot and I love it. Love the scrunch underfoot and making the first tracks.


It’s much easier to do all the chores without the big hens underfoot, so I went to the chick coop first, but something caught my eye… I can’t believe it! What is Uno, my Marans hen with the wry tail, doing out here? She must have spent the night out in the cold below freezing temperatures.

It was dark when I closed them in last night, but she’s never been one to do something like this!

She seems to be okay, but how strange…


I opened the door to the big hen’s coop…the light has been on since 4 this morning and Mr. Knightly has been crowing a lot, so I figured they were plenty ready to come out…


But they weren’t… They stood there for the longest time.


It’s hard to say if Mr. Knightly is just a “chicken”, or if he is a gentleman, but he definitely was waiting for the ladies to go first…

The creek is starting to freeze over. With temperatures this low for the next week, the snow will stick….


It’s night now. I wrote this earlier today. When I closed up the hens this evening, I counted and guess what, Uno was not there. I found her out in the cold in the old horse stall sleeping on a pallet, and picked her up, and put her in the coop.

I don’t know what is up with this???

Anyone have any ideas?


15 thoughts on “It’s Snowing…

  1. So pretty! We had just a light dusting today, but most of it blew away by the end of the day. It’s not as cold here in the west as other parts of the country, but temperatures in the 20s are cold for us! My hens’ water has been frozen every morning too, so I’ve just been bringing it in at night and putting out fresh in the morning. Even so, by the end of the day it’s started freezing up again, so I worry that they are not getting enough to drink. 😦 That’s so weird about Uno! I can’t believe she wants to stay out in the cold at night. Is she usually a loner? (Her name is Uno after all.)


  2. With my hens it started with one roosting outside occasionally…next thing I know they all are roosting outside in the trees and being hauled off by owls or hawks at night one by one.

    I actually woke up to hear one of them squawking very loudly about 2 am, obviously distressed. I ran outside with my shotgun to hear the squawks getting higher, in elevation, and more distant as the hen was carried away in the night sky.

    I have one lone hen that has survived the multiple massacres. She hides very well and until tonight I had no idea where she rooster. Tonight she moved into the woodshed on my wood pile. I found her when I went after more firewood.

    I hope your hen isn’t starting a dangerous trend.


    • Me too. Well, that’s interesting that she moved to the wood pile. I wonder if she sensed that it was going to be a bit colder. Zero degrees this morning on my thermometer.

      Nice to see you here. Miss you guys… 🙂


  3. We have experienced this too, where they don’t want to go into the hen house at night. My husband picks them up one by one and places them inside for safety. After a couple of nights they go back in on their own. Lovely pictures of the snow. Ours wouldn’t go out in the snow, we had to clear a little area for them, they don’t like cold feet!


    • I noticed that they held their feet up one at a time. Well, that’s good to know that they’ll start going in again. Makes me wonder if they are pouting or something. Or maybe the others gang up on them and they get tired of it… Sure seems strange to me. Maybe she doesn’t like the light coming on at 4 in the morning? Last night I left it on all night for a little heat, because the temps were going to be so low.


  4. Some nights I find one or two of my hens out in the big shed, than encompasses my coop. Sometimes I say so what, but with the -25 temps we have been having, I have be grabbing them and putting them inside the coop. Not sure what it is about the pecking order that causes this but definitely something to do with their higher order.


    • I’ve been watching her for these last two days and she is staying by herself and kind of cooing or whining…She looks fine, is eating and laying, but at least she did go into the coop last night, Maybe they are just moody?


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