The Run…

My wonderful husband built a run of sorts for our growing flock of chickens. Did I say growing?  It seems that the number count gets less, but the chicks are growing bigger every day.  And do you see a Mr. Knightly Jr. here?


I’m afraid so…going to be hard to let him go…

Anyway back to the run…


It is totally covered to keep hawks out during the day. It runs  between the little chick coop on the right and the Tack Room coop on the left where the hens live. You can see the new  little door that opens out into the run on the left. So that’s it.

I put a branch in today to see if they would like something to sit on… Roo and pullet, can you tell how much they have grown?


This still makes me sad. I know the chickens are much better off getting all that good food in the wild when they free range, but for now they have to be enclosed.

I noticed that I now have 99 followers. I’m doing another painting giveaway when it hits 100, so stay tuned…


14 thoughts on “The Run…

  1. Well the run looks good, and it is better than other options even if it is not your ideal situation. Maybe in a year or two it will be safer to let them out again as the predators change their routes and the dogs situations change? How many years did you free range with no problems? Maybe it will be cyclical.
    Anyway, I hope things settle now that they are safe.


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