Rainboots Winner…

The “Rainboots” painting has a home… Patty is the winner.  Congratulations, Patty, and thank you all for your wonderful comments.

I have  a picture or two I took this morning on my way down to let the chickens out of their coop…


Incredible, aren’t they?


Notice the one in the center with the white wattles…

Their heads and necks are colored brilliantly with red, blue and white. The color can change with the turkey’s mood, with a solid white head and neck being the most excited. ~ wikipedia


I know what roosters can do, so I stay far away from these gobblers, but they are sure fun to watch.


8 thoughts on “Rainboots Winner…

    • Yes, they are…I can see them right now outside my window as I write this. Three of them all puffed up and strutting around and when they turn they all turn simultaneously, and then walk together slowly in formation. Very interesting birds, for sure. 🙂


  1. Fascinating! So funny to see them all fluffed up for the hen. Thank you for sharing. Are they very noisy at this time of the year? I do remember hearing turkeys “gobbling” when I was a kid and lived overseas. Is it part of the mating ritual?


    • Yes, they do gobble a lot, and it is their mating ritual. I found out the other day that this is also turkey hunting season. Not being a hunter I didn’t know this. Another unusual thing for these large birds is that they roost high up in the trees. We’ve even had them on our roof one time. 😉


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