Record Temps…Fire…


Taken from our upper pasture yesterday afternoon. A huge fire that started just about 1/2 mile north of us…


The wind was carrying it to the NE… high winds…record temperatures for May… dry conditions…we haven’t had much rain.


Last I heard firefighters from all around had it 75% contained.  A thousand people were evacuated, 6 houses destroyed, and one man died who refused to leave his property.


This picture was taken last night showing the fire still in flames much further north.

Our electricity is out…meaning no air conditioning on this expected 95 degree day, but that seems so little in comparison to what the people up north of us are going through having lost their homes and the life of a loved one.

Please pray for them and the firefighters…


10 thoughts on “Record Temps…Fire…

    • Yes, it is under control and we had a bit of rain yesterday, and cooler temperatures today, but there was a lot of damage north of us. I heard that 107 firemen had reported slight injuries, nothing serious though, I hope.


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