Oxheart Tomato Experiment

I posted about this experiment last January while I was shopping for seeds.  The Natural Gardening Company wants to discover which part of the country has the best tomato growing climate, so they asked gardeners to try planting the heirloom seeds of the Oxheart Tomato, planting on April 4th and transplanting on May 9th.

Today I chose my largest plant…

oxheart tomato

and transplanted it into my garden…

oxheart tomato2

They actually have a camera focused on theirs to record the growth… The Tomato Cam

I was two days late planting my seeds because we had so much going on and I forgot, but I think my little plant is looking pretty good. I totally expected theirs to be twice as big as mine.

9 thoughts on “Oxheart Tomato Experiment

  1. Good luck with your tomato growing, I hope you have the right climate for it. Here in the Blackdown HIlls in Somerset, England, we are high up and find you can only grow tomatoes successfully in a green house, although we do try to grow some against the west wall of the house as we don’t have a greenhouse yet.


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