I have a new plant growing here that I’ve never noticed before. My daughter thought that perhaps it was Lamb’s ears, since the leaves have that same velvety soft look, but it is an entirely different plant… it’sย  Mullein.



The first year it appears as a very attractive fuzzy cabbage shaped plant, and the second year it sends out a long 8 foot spike with yellow flowers at the top.



And Mullein is a medicinal plant used for earaches, coughs, and lung conditions, and even may help alleviate the pain from migraines. Wow! I will have to try this. ๐Ÿ™‚

To find out more information about this plant … see Herbal Treatment Remedies

And eHow has a great little article on How to Make Mullein Oil

Is anyone familiar with this plant? Or used it in anyway as a medicinal?


9 thoughts on “Mullein

  1. I think I have some of this in my yard. These plants just appeared this year. Unfortunately, they are not in a place where I want any plants! They are in the middle of my front yard and along with several weeds. I’m afraid it’s all going to get sprayed a mulched over soon.


    • Well, I think these are the kinds of plants that generally grow where you don’t want them. ๐Ÿ™‚ I probably won’t keep these where they are, but I sure thought it was interesting to find out about them.


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