Tomato Journaling

Looking good so far in the tomato patch. This spot is by far the sunniest on our place, and it’s where we decided to grow most of our tomato plants…

tomato patch

It is overcast and foggy today and even a little cool right now. We’ve had some great days of rain, but from what I’ve heard we are still low onΒ  rainfall this year.

tomato patch 2

Marigolds are good everywhere. Supposedly, they even keep aphids at bay in the greenhouse… I’ve planted them all around the tomatoes to try and keep garden pests away.

The Oxheart tomato plant is doing fabulously…


The experiment plant is on the left, and the small tomato plant to the right is one that I just transplanted. So to compare… the little one is about the size the experiment plant was when I planted it on the 9th of May. See Oxheart Tomato Experiment for more details.

Could one of these be the first tomato???

toWe’ll see…



11 thoughts on “Tomato Journaling

  1. This looks fabulous! Perfect spot for tomatoes, they will love the heat! I plant marigolds with our tomatoes too ! Let’s hope it works πŸ™‚


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