Making Bouquets with the Ancient One…

Summer is here…and where I have been?  Spending a lot of time with my mom who we just moved into a little sweet house next door to us. Life is different here, but already I see the beauty and blessing of looking at nature through the eyes of one who perceives everything in the moment…

Everything is new every day…every hour…every flower is seen for the first time in all its wonder.

My mom picks wildflowers and makes gorgeous new bouquets every day.  And I make bouquets from the flowers I have growing in my yard…




Loving my new hydrangea…


I haven’t posted anything about my chickens for awhile, but they all are fine, and Darcy has turn out to be a very fine rooster who takes good care of the  8 laying hens… 6 black Marans and 2 Ameraucanas…

The tomatoes have grown quite a bit and seem extremely healthy…


As far as the Oxheart Tomato Experiment goes, we’ve got a tomato that just needs to ripen and perhaps it will be a winner???


Hope you all are having a wonderful summer…I know I am. 🙂

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