Darcy and His Followers

It has been so long since I posted pictures of what’s going on with my chickens, but that is a good thing, because nothing unusual is happening with them. They are not getting eaten by predators or plagued by diseases, everything right now is going well. And the rooster Darcy is a fine one…he is ever so gentle and caring …

Today I took some pictures to share. I used to let the rooster and hens all free range all the time. That’s probably why I lost so many. Now I keep them in their run until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and then let them out…


They usually come out single file down the little overgrown path that leads to the creek and the pasture…


Darcy is leading the way…


He’s always watching…


It was a hot summer’s day today, so they were ready for a drink from the creek…





After coming up from the creek I turned on the hose, and let it run a little so they could get more water and cool off their feet…



Then all of a sudden Darcy heads off toward the coop…


And they allย  follow after…


And I chuckle to myself as he appears to be standing at attention and counting them as they pass by to make sure they are all coming with him…


I suppose after the heat lets up in a month or two, it will be time to hatch out another batch of chicks. I hope they turn out as well as these did.

I’m so glad I kept this rooster…ย  To Keep or Not to Keep

10 thoughts on “Darcy and His Followers

  1. What a great rooster! And he is so handsome. Your hens backs look great as well, so he must not over-breed anyone – another great quality. Glad you kept him! Hope the one we pick to keep this year is as good as him.


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