I Won!!!

Back in May I wrote about planting a tomato vine for the Oxheart Tomato Experiment put on by The Natural Gardening Company. I took a photo with the date of my first ripe tomato, and so very surprisingly to me… I won!


You can read the announcement here… Ripe Ones. I received a $100 gift certificate from The Natural Gardening Company.


13 thoughts on “I Won!!!

  1. Congrats on your prize winning tomatoes! I will look forward to reading how you succeeded. Tomatoes have been very challenging for me to grow the last couple of years. This has been the first year that has changed. Thanks for the like on my blog. I will enjoy reading through yours and getting to know you.


    • Thank you for the comment. πŸ™‚ I noticed your blog the other day …couldn’t resist looking at your slice of heaven in Sweden. My mother is from Sweden and longs to go back there for a visit.


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