Glimpses of My Garden in July

We live in a little valley where two creeks meet. According to the old timers there is an Indian saying that tornadoes will not pass through an area where two creeks meet. So far we have not had a tornado here, so the trees are big and tall shading much of the garden.

our place

In the photo above are the trees that run along the creek, which is dry now. That is usual for the end of July and August. What is not usual is the cooler temperatures we’ve been having that are keeping everything so lush and green this time of year. Today we are expecting a high of 72 degrees and lots of rain, even flash flooding. The rain will fill up the creek.

This year the surprise lilies have burst into bloom in abundance dancing around the wisteria in the midst of the grass I’ve neglected to pull out…

surprise lilies

Here they are reflected in the bird bath…


reflected 2

I added them to my most recent bouquet along with gladiolas, phlox, cosmos, hydrangea, sage, purple cone flowers and salvia all from my garden…

bouquet pink

bouquet pink2

I love my blue birdbath. When it broke I replaced it, and my cheffingitwithsarah daughter decided to use the old stand in her kitchen herb garden. So when I walk out the back door this is what I see…



The leaves all about the little bird that look like nasturtium, which is what we thought they were at first, have turned out to be a pesty weed that is taking over this bed called Dollar Weed , but they are edible and supposedly are great in salads, so maybe they are not so pesty after all. In fact, Sarah might use them for pesto… πŸ˜‰


The cucumbers are planted like a river along side the gladiolas this year…


We are just beginning to harvest these cukes, as I always plant them late. According to a pumpkin farmer I met years ago, if you wait to plant them after June 1st, the cucumber beetles will already have migrated through, and they will leave your plants alone. So I plant late, and I plant in a different place each year. So far this has been working for me.

My perennial bed with the pergola and strawberry bed in the background…


Hostas are almost finished blooming now. They have looked beautiful all summer with the cooler temperatures…


I love hiding little bird sculptures here and there in the yard. Here is my favorite…


And of course there are my real birds…


We are having a very abundant tomato harvest. I’ll have some pics of those next time…



30 thoughts on “Glimpses of My Garden in July

  1. You must feel like you live in a botanic garden! Gorgeous pictures. I am also enjoying this green, green summer. All the rain has made my trees and flowers beautiful as well. I love this time of year. After 3 weeks visiting my mom in the desert, I came home to blooming coneflowers and black-eyed susans. Just wish I had enough sun to grow some tomatoes. You will have to enjoy some for me!


    • Hi Pam…I’ve been thinking about you and the next 30 Day Challenge…are you doing it? I hope so, it just wouldn’t be the same without you.

      Just went out and picked a huge bunch of tomatoes. I’m going to have to start canning, I think. And I will enjoy some for you too. πŸ™‚


  2. I had an abundant tomato harvest this year too. I tried to give some away to my son with no luck. I actually had to throw some out and that has never happened before. They went bad before I could use them. Next year I’m taking a break from tomatoes and will try some new vegetables. I’ve already requested seed catalogues and have received one already! Love your chickens. Wish I could keep some in my yard. I can dream!


    • The tomatoes are waning, but the hot peppers are abundant and I don’t eat them…oh, well. You could always just get one or two chickens… There are some really cute little chicken coops out there… πŸ™‚


      • How do you get peppers to grow. They seem to be impossible to grow here in Indiana! I have been noticing those cute little chicken coops. Alas, I have a stray dog situation in my neighborhood that never seems to go away. I think Animal Control is probably overworked with more serious problems than mine. But I really would like to have some chickens. You never know….


        • Peppers just grow really well here. I don’t have any magic formulas. Basil grows well too. And okra…trouble is I don’t like okra, or hot peppers… Oh, well… πŸ˜‰

          Basil, I love!!!


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