Expecting Again…

I waited until the brutal heat of summer was almost over to let one of the broody hens lay on some eggs…



We took her and the 9 eggs out of the nesting box and placed her in the chick coop “nursery”. It went really well, and she is doing a great job keeping those eggs warm. I’m only getting 1 egg a day now, so I’ve put two more eggs under her since then for a total of 11 eggs, all Marans eggs except one, and if that one is a hen she’ll probably be an olive egger.

One of the hens has been broody for 3 months, but she has finally snapped out of it, and it sure has taken its toll on her. I guess after she molts and gets some new feathers, she’ll look good again. I hope.

So we’re expecting again sometime in the next 2 1/2 weeks to 3 weeks. And the others are waiting patiently…




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