I  had the broody hen and her eggs pretty much confined to her coop, and she was looking kind of strange. Her comb looked as if it were turning white. I know that they do get pale, but it looked too pale. In reading again about the health of your broody hens, I noticed the article said that sometimes you have to force the hen to get off the nest, so that she will eat and poop, and that it was imperative for her to do this to stay healthy. So I opened the coop and coaxed her off the nest and she came flying out, swooping down to enjoy a bit of freedom.


I watched her for awhile as she went about her business, and then came back up to the house assuming that she would go back into the coop and resume laying. That was a mistake. Three hours later when I went down to close up the coop for the night she was not on her eggs, and they were cold.


Here again, I live and learn, it’s always the unexpected, it seems. The good thing is that I think there is another hen that may be going broody, but I’m only getting 1-2 eggs a day.

I’ll keep you posted if we are expecting again…And this time I will know to keep a better eye on the hen.

I feel so sorry for her this morning…she is in a tizzy… I feel like it is my fault.


10 thoughts on “Abandoned…

  1. I shag my hens off eggs all the time! They have to eat and drink, and when they won’t leave the nest, I make them! If she chose to leave her eggs it was her decision… I think you know you can’t make a hen do anything. Good idea to have an incubator handy in case this happens again. At least try to hatch when you have another broody, sometimes she’ll take on the motherly chore.
    Chin up… nature just doesn’t play fair.


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