Clear or White Plastic for the Hoop House?

This morning we took off the old torn plastic on the hoop house and replaced it.

hoop house 1

Yes, that is white opaque plastic that you see. The reason I chose this is because of what I read when looking for clear plastic…


Clear panels deliver direct light while opaque panels provide diffused light. If you want to buy a greenhouse to germinate seeds and grow starters which will be transplanted outdoors, then a clear covering has the advantage of bringing full, direct light to the starter trays. This warms the soil and encourages germinating seeds to sprout and develop into a vigorous starter plants for transplanting.

If you plan on growing the plants to maturity in your greenhouse, a diffused covering has the advantage of providing even light for balanced foliage growth as well as preventing hot spots within the greenhouse.

While it may seem counter intuitive, diffused light provides superior light for growing plants. Diffused light may appear to be less bright than direct light, but the light that generally produces the most efficient photosynthesis is not visible to the human eye. Diffused light reaches your plants from many angles, so plants do not get ‘leggy’ as they would when competing with each other to grow towards available light. With diffused lighting plants develop a more balanced, compact structure. ~ eartheasy


I do not often germinate seeds in our hoop house. There is no way to regulate the temperature as we do not heat or cool it. I do grow kale and parsley and bok choi in the winter, and right now beans are growing…


hoop house 2

If you look at the above photo, you will see the sunlight coming through the window and how the white plastic shades the rest of the plants. This might be ideal in the hot summer in our climate. I’m hoping that what I’ve read about diffused light being good for plants is true, because we are stuck with this for at least 4 years. 🙂

Only time will tell if I’ve made a mistake…


hoop house 3

I still have netting over the micro greens in the garden. They are all growing and I am beginning to thin them. Next to the compost bucket we have a volunteer “something” growing, but I doubt that it will survive the first freexe…



OK, that is my update for now…and I will leave you with another painting that should make you smile…


Ride 'em (2) ©2014 Karin NaylorRide ’em

You can read about this one on my blog Simply Painting. This is my son who grew up to be a horse trainer. 😉


8 thoughts on “Clear or White Plastic for the Hoop House?

    • I imagine New Zealand as having a wonderful climate. Here it gets very hot in the summer, way too hot to have anything growing inside a hoop house unless you had some kind of cooling mechanism. We’ll see how it works through the seasons… Seems like I’m always experimenting with something to try and get it to work.


      • It is probably more moderate than where you are. Still, it is good to start things in a green house (as we call them here) in Spring so that the seedlings can grow and not be killed off by late frosts.


    • I really hope so. Hey, I was talking to my husband about your strawberries in the rain gutters. Do they dry out really fast? I wonder if they would dry out here during the hotter part of summer. I think it’s such a great way to use space.


      • On hot days they do dry out faster, but I’ve only had to water twice a day a few times. I do get some shade in there and I also have clear glass. The diffused light would make a differnce, I would think??


    • Thanks, Amy. By the way, sure have been thinking about you. I couldn’t come up with anything wonderful and comforting to post on your blog…I’m still working on it. Can’t believe what you’ve been through…


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