Now I See It…Now I Don’t ~ The Elusive Gopher

I should have entitled this blog The First Hand Garden Pest Encyclopedia instead of Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme. Each year it seems that I am confronted with a new dilemma in the vegetable/flower patch. This year I thought I had covered all the bases…but what an elusive creature we are confronted with now…


Plains Pocket Gopher – Wikipedia

I bought two 4 packs of cabbages at our local family owned greenhouse thinking maybe this year…just maybe… I could once again try growing cabbages and succeed. My biggest problem growing them is those little tiny pesty worms.

I planted the 8 cabbages out in the first row in my garden and covered them with netting to prevent the little white moths from laying eggs that hatch those destructive worms. When the leaves grew and started to push mightily against the netting, I removed it, and there they were, 8 really nice leafy cabbage plants.

Then there were seven…

Then there were six…

We have been having a lot of rain here, so it was a couple of days that I didn’t go over to the garden and when I did I was shocked to see only 4 cabbages left and no sign of any intruder. No paw prints…no digging…no leaf parts lying around.

The next day it occurred to me…Could it be the elusive gopher???

I went immediately to the garden and took my shovel to probe in the dirt when I noticed there were only 3 cabbages left. With the shovel I found the hole and then the tunnel. I transplanted the remaining cabbage plants into pots where they would be safe, and then informed my husband who proceeded to look online for options on how to get rid of gophers.


IMG_5219Cabbage Plant Repotted

How to Get Rid of Gophers and Moles

Gophers will pull plants down into their tunnels. That’s why it looks like the plants completely disappear.

After reading the above linked article we opted for the granule method. We spread these castor oil granules sparingly around the garden area, and what I found this time was one of my tomato plants had disappeared.

Not having enough patience to wait for the granules to work, I started putting the hose down in holes that I could find to flood out the gophers.



I placed the hose in a little hole and than stood amazed as the water coming out full force from the hose just kept running…down…around…through…who knows where and finally started coming out of a small hole ten feet away in the lawn.

This is what our new project looks like right now. I will update you onΒ  what happens next…


Oh, and I will also let you know about the snake eating eggs in the chicken coop. It’s not just the garden…


6 thoughts on “Now I See It…Now I Don’t ~ The Elusive Gopher

  1. A decorative windmill…the kind that are about 7′ tall. Anchored in just a bit of concrete will drive the gophers and moles out. Guaranteed!

    I’ve seen several people do it with great success. The windmill vibrates as it twirls in the wind, the vibrations drive the gophers and moles crazy! Then they leave.

    If only the wind blew in Oklahoma! Hahaha!


    • Wow! Thanks, Shane. I just saw a windmill like that on my walk this morning. Funny that it even stuck out to me, and then you tell me this. I’ll have to tell my “garage sales goers” to keep their eyes open for a windmill. πŸ™‚


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