Living Day by Day…

The daffodils are blooming…


The wild turkeys are gobbling up in the trees at night…and we know what that means…


This particular one kept walking around our yard fluffing out his feathers for days.

The red-tailed chicken hawks are constantly circling in the sky looking for their next meal…

chicken hawk

I’ve been letting my chickens out about 4 o’clock. Seems like the hawks don’t bother them then.

And I have some cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage growing in the hoop house…

hoop house

Tomato seedlings are coming up… planted some fennel seeds… waiting for all the lettuce, peas and spinach to sprout up in the garden.

Living and learning day by day… and counting blessings.




Joy Comes in the Morning

I am so glad I have chickens!!!  My morning is just overflowing with joy…It is 19 degrees outside with an inch of snow covering the landscape. Who would venture out into this??? Me…little old me…because I have to take care of the chickens. And I got to see the sun coming up over the horizon lighting up the snow in millions of  glistening diamonds. And then I saw it…diamonds falling from the sky, brilliant tiny crystals swept by the wind and lit up by the rising sun. Absolutely glorious and all I could think of was a resounding Hallelujah…

Joy … my almost 3 year old grandson spent the night with us a week ago. He slept upstairs in my daughter’s room, and of course they were the first ones up in the morning. She brought him downstairs and stoked up the fire in the woodstove and cuddled with him on the couch watching the fire, and he said with childlike joy, ” It’s a beautiful day! Look at the blue sky! I am your friend!”

Then I wandered sleepily out of  my room ready for my morning coffee, and he ran up to me arms outstretched, so excited, “Moka*, come see the fire!!!” Joy in the morning…we need more joy in the morning. We need more joy all the time! Childlike joy!

*He calls me Moka… a great name for me Mom/Karin  and it doesn’t confuse me with the other grandmas. 🙂

So, who doesn’t love seed catalogs?  I received one in the mail the other day I had never seen before, and they are doing a unique thing that I thought I would share…

The Natural Gardening Company


They are doing a test of one of their tomatoes, the Oxheart tomato, to discover which part of the country has the best tomato growing climate. Whoever has the first ripe Oxheart tomato will receive a $100 gift certificate. I might just try this… You’ll love the catalog and you can get one online here.


I also want to share, in case anyone is not following her, Down To Earth Digs is featured in Country Garden magazine this month, and her beautiful garden is on the cover! I’m so excited for Stacey!!!



down to earth digs ~ a review

I just received a package I ordered from my incredible blogging friend Stacey at down to earth digs, and I just have to take a moment to rave about her Etsy shop


You know, it is so special to receive a package nicely wrapped and personalized. Something that is a great gift for gardeners.  I ordered her snips, tomato seeds from her lovely garden and seed packets that her talented daughter Laura designed. I love them all!!!


But there is something more here…there is a personal connection. This is not just buying something made in China. And that means a lot to me…

thank you

Thank you, Stacey. I love everything!  And I love your personal touch!

If you are looking for a wonderful gift for a gardener, or something for yourself visit Stacey’s Etsy shop… downtoearthdigs

You’ll love it!

Two Giveaways :)

Friends, I’m really excited about this, and I want to share my joy with you. You know those wonderful dream come true stories that don’t happen very often in our lives?  Well, I just had one of those dreams really come true, and I still am not quite sure I’m totally awake.

I’ve dreamed of being an artist and having my paintings accepted in a gallery…a dream that I never really thought was reachable for me. Yesterday, I submitted seven of my paintings to a gallery!  YES!!! So, to celebrate I have two giveaways…

#1 – A 2014 calendar of my paintings. I’m really happy with the way this turned out and I think you will be too.


Here’s what the inside looks like…

All of these paintings, except one, were painted during my 30 Paintings in 30 Days this last September.  This calendar will also be for sale  for  $25 (which includes shipping) on my new website I would love for you to take a look at my website and get on my email list and leave a comment.  I’d love to know what you think.

#2 – When I was doing the 30 Paintings in 30 Days I was able to meet several really wonderful artists, one of whom is a fabulous quilter just turned artist, Pam Schoessow.  I absolutely love her paintings, so I want to share this one with you as a giveaway…

pomegranate block

This 4″ x 4″ painting comes with a little stand…


I just love it!!! And these make wonderful gifts.  You can see more of Pam’s art on her blog here… Pamela Jeanne Studio

I know Pam is working on an Etsy shop coming soon…Update: It’s here…Blue Pumpkin Studio

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment here, or on my new website I will announce the winners on the 25th of November.

Autumn Bouquet

autumn bouquet

The golden shimmering leaves outside my window beckoned me to take a long walk up into the back pastures and through the woods.  A layer of yellow leaves greeted me everywhere…and the sumac is a gorgeous red…

sumac 2


I circled around the pasture and headed into the woods and then decided I better go get my camera, a basket and some clippers and take the trek again. This time I stopped at the hoop house and cut some marigolds. And to my surprise the blueberry bushes were brilliantly glowing in their fall colors…


After leaving the garden I spied some puff ball mushrooms and added them to my basket…

puff ball

My one son who does extremist type sports has made multiple bike paths around the pastures and through the woods, and I decided to walk  on the winding trail he made in our jungle forest behind the house. As I was clambering through the thicket  I noticed a piece of  wood like a little bench lying back in the trees…


My first thought was perhaps that is where the boys had a fort hidden years ago. I know they made little forts and hiding places all over in the woods. So I crouched down underneath the overhanging limbs to get a closer look and this is what I found…


And a little ways from that …another…

treasure 2

Little treasures from the past…These must have been lying up here for at least 10 years…

When I got home my basket was full…


And so was my heart… 🙂

basket 3

Full of fond memories and the incredible awesomeness of God’s creation…and the brilliant colors abounding in Father’s garden.

Juniper Berries and Sounds in the Night

Juniper 2

Isn’t the word Juniper melodic in a wonderful way. I’ve always loved the name…almost named one of my daughters that, but she got the name Sage instead, which suits her very well. Anyway, we have tons of these beautiful berries cascading from our trees this year. So many that they look blue from a distance. But what can you use them for?

The Epicentre has some great suggestions for cooking meats and fish with Juniper and also lists the medicinal benefits of this berry. They even have some recipes. I’ll have to get my gourmet cook daughter to try some of these out. And now you know where you can get Juniper berries if you need them. 🙂

Many of you have heard me complain about the cicada and cricket noises in our trees during the hot summer months. If you haven’t ever experienced the loud fast marching cadence of these bugs that drowns out even a loud conversation, than you might be missing something in your life, or maybe you are not missing something… Well, here is a very beautiful and intriguing audio tape of two tracks of crickets chirping in the night. One has been slowed down and you won’t believe the awesomeness of this… Here’s the link…

Robert Wilson – crickets audio recording slowed way down

Please come back and tell me what you think. 🙂