Chicken Coops

Ever since watching the documentary FOOD, INC. I just so much want to grow our own food and raise our own beef, chickens and lamb. John has really been great about the beef and lamb, but chickens play such a big part in this way of life. Not only do you eat their eggs, but they eat an incredible amount of bugs that we are overrun with and they give great manure for the garden.

I’ve had it on my mind to build some kind of coop…I was thinking of something on wheels, that could be moved around the pasture. I’ll get to that later, because this is just too cute to pass up…

I love this…a Hobbit House for chickens…and My Pet Chicken has lots of chicken coop designs.

This one really caught my eye…and the website is really worth a visit…Nogg

But Mother Earth News comes to the rescue again with thisΒ  nifty, thrifty plan for a coop…

Read about it here… Portable Chicken Mini-Coop Plan …and I think this might work really well, since we have Mac’s old dog house out back that we can convert…I’m getting excited about this… πŸ˜€

How to Convert an Old Doghouse into a Chicken Coop

Can’t wait to tell you about the Chocolate colored eggs that a very particular type of breed lays…until then…


5 thoughts on “Chicken Coops

  1. I use a dog house for one of my coops! It sits up on cinder blocks and I use burlap over the entry. I like it, I fill it up with grass hay to keep them warm and comfortable and they seem to love it! πŸ™‚


    • I like the idea of the cinder blocks and burlap. I still haven’t used the doghouse yet, since my daughter turned our tack room into a coop for the 6 laying hens I bought…and then my son turned one of our old horse stalls into a coop for the chicks. But I still have plans to use the doghouse and I think your idea is great. Thanks for sharing.


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