Here’s our barn and here is the Tack Room…

Notice the Tack Room sign made out of horseshoes and the one-of-a-kind latch, also make out of horseshoes…

Open the door and see a MESS…

More mess…

We’re cleaning this up and making it our future chicken coop.  Today Sarah is measuring and figuring out where to make the nesting boxes…
We’ll keep you posted. : )


3 thoughts on “Before

  1. To someone who loves horses, it looks anything but a mess. Fragrant, mellow leather, promise of long rides in the hills with a velvet nosed friend… but no mess.


    • This was a long time ago… but there were a lot of cobwebs and dust. It really looks dirtier now that it is a chicken coop and all my horse lovers have moved away. Thanks for the comment. 🙂 Still have the tack room sign and latch that my son made. Love it!!!

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