Fall Gardening 3 ~ First Frost

After the first frost which happened on the 6th of October here at our place…the pumpkin vines froze and wilted…the squash vines mostly froze and the basil is definitely frozen and dead. I spent several hours cutting up the long pumpkin vines and tossing them on the compost pile. I also cut up and tossed the dahlias and zinnias. Here is what I harvested today…

Planting the pumpkins at the beginning of June, we harvest 7 pumpkins from the 2 vines that survived. So about 3 pumpkins per vine. When the pumpkins were small something was eating them, so next year by spraying with cayenne we may have a bigger harvest.

Planting squash for a fall garden was a mistake. Only one grew to maturity…

I harvested only two small cukes, so that was also a mistake to plant in the fall.

The cabbage and cauliflower are looking good…

Now to the greenhouse…

I’m really disappointed in the bok choy this year. It just couldn’t withstand the cabbage worms, and hasn’t made a come back after sprinkling it with DE. But some of the lettuce has come back and I transplanted it into the furthest bed. I’m also disappointed with the lettuce I planted in that bed to begin with. It was extremely bitter. If I won’t eat it no one will, so I pulled it all out.

The parsley is still doing great and the kale is getting much bigger…

I started some nasturtiums in flats and also some more lettuce. The greenhouse is staying really warm and the tomatoes look happy in the pot to the right.

There’s a lot of weeding to do behind the greenhouse where the pumpkins were…

And I think this row of trees needs to be cut down to bring more sunlight to the greenhouse…the sun is so much lower now. This picture was taken around noon and you can see how shady it is.

I also dug up the dahlia roots and put them out to dry for storage until next year.

The pumpkins take up a lot of space and next year we need to grow them in a different place…I’m thinking a good spot would be above the asparagus…

Lots of work to do still…


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