Winter Colors

My strawberry bed has been glowing with beautiful winter colors…




Reds and greens and yellows and that gorgeous fuschia color adorn my would have been bleak back yard. So glad I planted this strawberry bed. 🙂


Announcing the Winner…

Thank you all for participating in my note card giveaway. The winner is Melissa at vuchickens.  Yay, Melissa!!!

If you haven’t met Melissa you should stop by her blog and see the cute lamb she just made out of her own hand spun wool… And she has to have the most beautiful chicken coop ever that her dad built her this last summer…all on her wonderfully delightful blog.

Please remember my Etsy Shop when you need a blank note card for any occasion. They make nice affordable gifts, as well. 🙂


Welsummer Sis ©2013 Karin NaylorWelsummer Sis Note Card



Celebrating Our First Snow ~ Giveaway

I love snow!!! I know it can be miserable for those who live with it all winter, but when you live in an area that becomes bleak and drab in the winter after all the leaves fall off the trees, you appreciate the beauty of that white glistening carpet of snow.  I tried to portray the joy of snow falling in my painting “Snow Jewels”…

Snow Jewels ©2013 Karin Naylor


I have printed quite a few cards from my paintings including the one above, and slowly, but surely I will have them all for sale in my Etsy shop. Below is a picture of some of my cards from the Guthrie Art Walk on November 8th…


Art Walk 2 copy

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a giveaway here, so I thought I would do another one. This time the winner will receive a packet of 4 cards of their choice from my shop.

To enter visit my Etsy shop, and then leave a comment below telling me that you stopped by. I’ll announce the winner in a week on November 25th, and you can choose the cards you like. I will be adding more cards in my shop during the week.

Sound like fun? Yes? 🙂

Clear or White Plastic for the Hoop House?

This morning we took off the old torn plastic on the hoop house and replaced it.

hoop house 1

Yes, that is white opaque plastic that you see. The reason I chose this is because of what I read when looking for clear plastic…


Clear panels deliver direct light while opaque panels provide diffused light. If you want to buy a greenhouse to germinate seeds and grow starters which will be transplanted outdoors, then a clear covering has the advantage of bringing full, direct light to the starter trays. This warms the soil and encourages germinating seeds to sprout and develop into a vigorous starter plants for transplanting.

If you plan on growing the plants to maturity in your greenhouse, a diffused covering has the advantage of providing even light for balanced foliage growth as well as preventing hot spots within the greenhouse.

While it may seem counter intuitive, diffused light provides superior light for growing plants. Diffused light may appear to be less bright than direct light, but the light that generally produces the most efficient photosynthesis is not visible to the human eye. Diffused light reaches your plants from many angles, so plants do not get ‘leggy’ as they would when competing with each other to grow towards available light. With diffused lighting plants develop a more balanced, compact structure. ~ eartheasy


I do not often germinate seeds in our hoop house. There is no way to regulate the temperature as we do not heat or cool it. I do grow kale and parsley and bok choi in the winter, and right now beans are growing…


hoop house 2

If you look at the above photo, you will see the sunlight coming through the window and how the white plastic shades the rest of the plants. This might be ideal in the hot summer in our climate. I’m hoping that what I’ve read about diffused light being good for plants is true, because we are stuck with this for at least 4 years. 🙂

Only time will tell if I’ve made a mistake…


hoop house 3

I still have netting over the micro greens in the garden. They are all growing and I am beginning to thin them. Next to the compost bucket we have a volunteer “something” growing, but I doubt that it will survive the first freexe…



OK, that is my update for now…and I will leave you with another painting that should make you smile…


Ride 'em (2) ©2014 Karin NaylorRide ’em

You can read about this one on my blog Simply Painting. This is my son who grew up to be a horse trainer. 😉

Hydroponic Microgreens

Trying a new experiment here. We have a couple of entrepreneurs nearby who developed an incredible hydroponic greenhouse. You can see what they are doing on this website… Upward Harvest

It’s really worth watching, I promise, you will be amazed. We bought a flat of mixed micro-greens to plant in our garden…


As you can see there are all kinds of greens…kale, arugula, watercress, peas, beets etc.  I planted them in our garden and covered them with netting to protect them from deer, rabbits, turkey, grasshoppers and all the delightful creatures we have about…



So we’ll see how they do. In the hoop house the beans are growing valiantly…


Along with the marigolds…


We have an abundance of hot peppers…


We purchased new plastic for the hoop house and hopefully we will have that up before it freezes.

It’s September and in September I do the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge, thought I’d share one here with you all just for fun…

Little Chicken Rancher ©2014 Karin NaylorThe Little Chicken Rancher

To see more you’ll have to visit my other blog Simply Painting.

Take care… 🙂