Waking Up to a Winter Wonderland

I love snow… I always have…we don’t get much of it here, but when we do it is wonderful!!!


My strawberry patch…


The birds will be coming soon…




Joy Comes in the Morning

I am so glad I have chickens!!!  My morning is just overflowing with joy…It is 19 degrees outside with an inch of snow covering the landscape. Who would venture out into this??? Me…little old me…because I have to take care of the chickens. And I got to see the sun coming up over the horizon lighting up the snow in millions of  glistening diamonds. And then I saw it…diamonds falling from the sky, brilliant tiny crystals swept by the wind and lit up by the rising sun. Absolutely glorious and all I could think of was a resounding Hallelujah…

Joy … my almost 3 year old grandson spent the night with us a week ago. He slept upstairs in my daughter’s room, and of course they were the first ones up in the morning. She brought him downstairs and stoked up the fire in the woodstove and cuddled with him on the couch watching the fire, and he said with childlike joy, ” It’s a beautiful day! Look at the blue sky! I am your friend!”

Then I wandered sleepily out of  my room ready for my morning coffee, and he ran up to me arms outstretched, so excited, “Moka*, come see the fire!!!” Joy in the morning…we need more joy in the morning. We need more joy all the time! Childlike joy!

*He calls me Moka… a great name for me Mom/Karin  and it doesn’t confuse me with the other grandmas. 🙂

So, who doesn’t love seed catalogs?  I received one in the mail the other day I had never seen before, and they are doing a unique thing that I thought I would share…

The Natural Gardening Company


They are doing a test of one of their tomatoes, the Oxheart tomato, to discover which part of the country has the best tomato growing climate. Whoever has the first ripe Oxheart tomato will receive a $100 gift certificate. I might just try this… You’ll love the catalog and you can get one online here.


I also want to share, in case anyone is not following her, Down To Earth Digs is featured in Country Garden magazine this month, and her beautiful garden is on the cover! I’m so excited for Stacey!!!



Ice Encrusted World

ice 3

Woke up this morning to an ice encrusted world…

Iced sage, anyone???

ice 5

How about a picnic???

ice 2

The heavy laden tree branches are falling to the ground with a crackling sound…

ice 1

And yet, I love icicles… and the awesome glittering beauty of it all…

ice 4

I hear we are expecting 4 to 6 inches of snow to top it off…

It’s Snowing…

It’s early…I have to go down and let the hens out and give them fresh water instead of frozen…24 degrees, but tomorrow it’s supposed to be 4 degrees, so hey, I better get out there and enjoy it.


Four inches of snow graced our land last night. A lot of you had much more than that, but for here it’s a lot and I love it. Love the scrunch underfoot and making the first tracks.


It’s much easier to do all the chores without the big hens underfoot, so I went to the chick coop first, but something caught my eye… I can’t believe it! What is Uno, my Marans hen with the wry tail, doing out here? She must have spent the night out in the cold below freezing temperatures.

It was dark when I closed them in last night, but she’s never been one to do something like this!

She seems to be okay, but how strange…


I opened the door to the big hen’s coop…the light has been on since 4 this morning and Mr. Knightly has been crowing a lot, so I figured they were plenty ready to come out…


But they weren’t… They stood there for the longest time.


It’s hard to say if Mr. Knightly is just a “chicken”, or if he is a gentleman, but he definitely was waiting for the ladies to go first…

The creek is starting to freeze over. With temperatures this low for the next week, the snow will stick….


It’s night now. I wrote this earlier today. When I closed up the hens this evening, I counted and guess what, Uno was not there. I found her out in the cold in the old horse stall sleeping on a pallet, and picked her up, and put her in the coop.

I don’t know what is up with this???

Anyone have any ideas?