Purple Hyacinth Bean

The zinnias are beautiful…

The Marigolds are popping out like little bits of stored up sunshine…

But what I want to share is the beautiful Purple Hyacinth Bean. It is growing up on the sun dial in the middle of the garden. I planted 4 seeds and only one survived and it is taking over…

We are going to see this plant burst into bloom with gorgeous purple flowers and bean pods everywhere…

These beans are just ornamental, not edible, but they are so worth having in your garden! Here’s a great little blog and video if you are interested in growing these yourself…Picket Fence Greenhouse.

The pumpkin patch is looking so good…

This is what the baby pumpkins look like today…

I added an update and slideshow to the Fall Gardening post. Check it out. : )


9 thoughts on “Purple Hyacinth Bean

  1. “The Marigolds are popping out like little bits of stored up sunshine…” I can’t tell you how much I love this line. I’ve always loved marigolds….ever since those days in East Port when you let Tera and I make crowns and necklaces with the marigolds growing around the yard. I love the colors, the flowers and the smell. And now…this line!

    Can you save some bean pods for me? I’d love to plant some here!


    • I will save some just for you. I still have some from last year. Wow! This made me just remember that I have the seed pods from the red flowering yucca in my purse that we collected in Dallas. Mormor probably has hers in her purse. We need to get them out and try planting them!


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