New Coop

I guess I would call this a chick nursery … I’m hoping to use it until the pullets start laying, and then transfer them over to the big coop with the nesting boxes…

The chicks are really in their awkward scruffy stage right now, not cute any more. They are flying around and getting rather feisty.

This coop is built  into an old horse stable…

The chicks will have plenty of room to fly around outside the coop, but inside the protected enclosed stall. I found out that it is imperative to use hard cloth, not chicken wire to keep harmful predators out.

While my son was working on this, the hens nearby were not very happy with all the noise of the electric tools. They still haven’t recovered to their previous foraging selves. Hopefully they will soon…but I’m a bit worried about them. I don’t remember hens being so cautious, but I guess that can be a very good thing?

Every time I go down in the early morning light to open the hen’s coop, I see this beautiful cotton wood tree all glorious in it’s golden hue…

And it’s reflection in the creek as I pass over the bridge…

I just had to share that… : )

More pics coming of the new coop when it’s all finished.


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