They’re back!!! I don’t even want to put this nasty word up on my blog, but if anything can take the joy out of gardening it’s chiggers! You can’t see them…you can’t feel them, at first anyway…

Let me briefly just “sigh” and look at  something beautiful and refreshing…

Sage made this great header for me, but with this theme I think it becomes too busy, and I’m having fun with this layout just now…so I’m going to save it and use it later. I love it, Sage. It makes me happy!!!

My new prevention for chiggers and ticks is baking soda! They have not bothered me…NOT ONCE…when I sprinkled baking soda on my feet and legs. I think they must detest the salty soda taste or something, or maybe it’s the alkalinity they don’t like. So I highly recommend using this…

The one time I went over to the garden just to turn the sprinkler on and I did not shower right after, but I was dressed to go out…that is when they got me…

I have 24 bites all on the left side of my body…they are miserable…when I walk material rubs on them and I get chills all over. So, I’m not walking my 2-3 miles a day, not until they clear up. In the meantime though, there are two things that I have found that bring some relief…

Young Living’s Essential Oil ~ Thieves

And Benydryl Itch Stick

May your gardens be full of joy and love and may the chiggers and ticks stay far far away from you…


8 thoughts on “Chiggers

  1. I completely agree with you about the header, Mom. Glad you like it, and I’m glad you’re not using it. I had actually just opened it up in photoshop to do some editing, because I didn’t like it the way it looked on your blog. Perfect timing!

    And…I am COVERED in chiggers. (Not really COVERED. But close.) New bites are popping up all the time. Last night was miserable. This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall…I CANNOT WAIT till October!!!! 😦


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